Interfaith Week of Prayer Wrap-Up

~ Rev. Linda Hanna Walling, Faithful Reform in Health Care

Thank you! You are wonderful!

In the last few weeks you have begun to show the passion and power among people of faith in support of a better health care future for all of us. Collectively, the numerous efforts have elevated the need to look at health care reform through the lens of our faith-inspired values. Our lawmakers and opinion leaders are listening!

    • Over 2,000 of us signed “A Faith-Inspired Vision of Health Care” that is being delivered to Congress. View the letter and signatures! (Signatures are still being collected in preparation for a second delivery in late summer.)
    • A thousand phone calls have been made this week to members of Congress.
    • You have planned and attended candlelight vigils, press conferences, Health Care Sabbaths, and forums.
    • You have written letters, postcards, letters to the editor and op-eds.
    • You have shared your incredibly powerful stories.
    • And more is to come… sermon contests, postcard campaigns, additional rallies, and candlelight vigils. Next steps will begin immediately!

    Now through August will be a critical time for continued prayer and witness around the moral imperative for a health care future than includes everyone and works well for all of us. Don’t miss a single opportunity to raise your voice!


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