140,000 people join faith conference call

~ by Rev. Linda Hanna Walling, Faithful Reform in Health Care

It’s no wonder some of you couldn’t join the conference call and webcast today with faith leaders and President Obama.  There were 140,000 of us listening!  We were expecting tens of thousands, not over 100,000!  Our friends at Faith in Public Life, who coordinated the call, said that the tech consultants were floored, having never experienced something of this magnitude.  Our response today is a powerful witness to the fact that PEOPLE OF FAITH DO CARE and that we will do whatever it takes to raise our voices with a moral vision for our health care future.

So… to all of you who got on — and all of you who tried and tried unsuccessfully — thank you for your passion!  For those of you who were frustrated by the jammed lines and webcast, please accept my apologies!  All of the 30+ co-sponsors hope you understand and celebrate with us that there was an unprecedented level of participation by people of faith who were singularly focused on the moral imperative for health care reform in those few moments.

Here is the link to listen to the call again, or for the first time.  It will be posted on the Faithful Reform in Health Care website for current and future reference.  Both a streaming recording and an MP3 format are available at this link.

As you listen you will be invited to sign a pledge to stay actively involved in the faith-based part of the health care reform movement.   Click here to sign the Faithful Reform in Health Care version of the pledge.

And then, stay-tuned for our next major effort — Health Care Sabbaths and Candlelight Vigils during the weekend of August 28-30 — a critical time to make our members of Congress hear us while they are home for their August recess!

Health and peace as we move through these important days!


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