“A Faith-Inspired Vision of Health Care” delivered to Congress & White House

by Rev. Linda Hanna Walling

On January 12, A Faith-Inspired Vision of Health Care with nearly 200 organizational signatures and over 4000 individual signatures was delivered to all of Congress and White House staff.  The cover letter is printed below.

An Open Letter
to President Barack Obama and to
Members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives

At this historic moment in a century-long effort to make comprehensive and compassionate health care reform a reality in the United States, members of the Faithful Reform in Health Care coalition are praying for our nation and for you – our elected leaders. We offer these prayers recognizing that the arc of the moral universe does not bend toward justice on its own.  It bends only through the transformation of our hearts and minds as we commit ourselves to working for the common good… to building a sense of community that offers blessings for all… and to acting upon our concern for those who are most vulnerable.

People of faith have worked for decades in support of quality and affordable health care for all because we see it as a moral calling – and because we truly believe that our nation is endowed with the talents, wisdom and sufficient resources necessary to meet the health care needs of one another.  In these critical hours of deliberation, from now until a health care bill is signed, Faithful Reform in Health Care and its members will lift you in prayer around a moral vision for health care reform that guarantees affordable health care for everyone and lays the foundation for sharing our abundant health care resources in a spirit of generosity.

Through our Interfaith Virtual Vigil of Prayer, Hope, and Action, we will offer these prayers every day until health care reform is signed into law. We know that what is broken in U.S. health care cannot be repaired in one sweeping piece of legislation. At the same time, we believe that the first steps toward transformation can be addressed in the pending deliberations over the shape of our health care future.  We will pray that you take these steps with courage and in hope.

We applaud the actions and leadership that have brought us to this historic moment, and now pray that you will move forward with a vision that will bend the arc of our health care future toward justice.  While our individual organizations support a variety of policy priorities and strategies for incorporating our faith values in legislation, there is broad consensus around provisions that move us toward a more just system of health care that is inclusive, affordable, accessible, and accountable.

Read the full letter and view the Vision Statement and signatures.


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