Health care reform on the 2 yard line

~ by Rev. Linda Hanna Walling, Faithful Reform in Health Care

It’s really only the last five minutes of the game that count! While my husband and son dismiss me as a nut every time I say it, it’s true!  Of course, they love everything about what leads up to the final moments in any game — and I don’t. Yet, I have fond memories of their excitement (and mine) at the end of sporting events, knowing that the last at-bat, the last free throw, the last pass, or the last kick will determine the final outcome. It is certainly true for the New Orleans Saints, who are going to the Super Bowl following a sudden death field goal — in overtime, no less!

Given that this week will be dominated by football news and ads, is there any better imagery for health care reform at this moment than that of getting the ball over the goal line?  Apparently President Obama likes the idea, because he told his advisors on Friday that we are on the 2 yard line and we’re going to finish the job!

So what does that mean for us — people of faith who REALLY care about making meaningful reform happen?  After hanging around and listening to Washington insiders for 3 days at the Families USA Health Action conference last week, I think it means three things:

We have to keep cheering! We know what the home field advantage and a cheering crowd mean to a team. At this moment, legislators are working hard to resolve their differences. They need to hear that we want them to keep working. In spite of missteps, dropped passes, and hard tackles, there is enough good in the team and their efforts to cheer them to victory.  It will take all of us — the fans in the stands — to make sure that the players stay energized for the final minutes of the game.  Here are a few suggestions for your part:

  • Call President Obama, your Senators, and your Representative
  • Add your name to “A Call for Political Courage, Vision, Leadership, and Faith”
  • Join the Interfaith Virtual Vigil of Prayer, Hope, and Action
  • Send an email to President Obama, your Senators, and your Representative
  • Join this week’s Faithful Reform conference call on Wed at 2 pm EST to preview a new PowerPoint that focuses on where we are and what needs to be done.

We have to remain hopeful for what can be! Our faith histories have taught us what it means to wander in the wilderness and to live with hope for more promising days ahead. Our hope rests in a moral vision for our health care future — and in our belief that we as a country have been blessed with the wisdom, the talent, and the abundant resources to do this. This is one of our gifts to this process. Our messages and our actions must demonstrate our judgment that comprehensive health care reform is possible because our care for one another is ultimately greater than either political ideologies or the influence of powerful lobbyists.

We have to remain positive! On one of our conference calls, our friend Nick Unger reminded us that if any single piece of legislation fully achieves our vision, then our vision isn’t big enough. While we were working for a more perfect plan, we neglected to affirm the really strong provisions that will move us forward in the current legislation. We have failed to celebrate that even the weakest versions of the reform proposals move us toward a more inclusive, affordable, accessible, and accountable system of health care in the U.S.  We must remind ourselves that:

  • Nearly 3 out of the 4 of us currently without insurance will be in the system.
  • The numbers of community health centers will be generously expanded.
  • The prescription drug doughnut hole in Medicare will shrink, perhaps disappear.
  • None of us will be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions.
  • None of us will be dropped from insurance because we get sick.
  • Insurers will be required to use a greater percentage of premium dollars on medical care, rather than on paperwork and perks.

We’re at the 2 yard line and we can make it over the goal line, even if it requires overtime.  Together we CAN win this one, but it will take ALL OF US to make it happen.

To our health care future!


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